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Vanessa and John Intimate Backyard Wedding

It was months of waiting and uncertainty if COVID restrictions will lift up. Finally the big day arrived for Vanessa and John. Albeit in a much smaller version than they originally planned, the day was as beautiful as their love. They had to downscale the wedding of their dreams to an intimate backyard wedding, but they still had the most important people in their lives witnessing their vows. Except for Nona, but they paid her a special visit at the retirement home.

Vanessa’s day started with her family…

John was ready to rock and roll and meet his bride.

And now the most important moment of the day…

It was time to visit Vanessa’s Nona and take some bridal portraits at the Village by the Arboretum.

Now we can wipe our tears and say good bye.

Now just imagine…

…What we can do for you!

Waterfall Session

When you have hot weather and hot couple, the waterfall session is bound to be steamy. Now just imagine… ….what we can do for you!


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Boudoir Video

Elli Bel applies her photography skills when she shoots video. Therefore your video will have the same feel and look as your boudoir photos and there will be no additional people on set. Now just imagine… … what I can do for you!