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Elli Bel Photography is the Readers’ Choice Awards Winner, Guelph & Cambridge

Elli Bel Photography is the winner of Readers’ Choice Awards for 2020.

Votes are counted and Winners have been announced!! Thanks to everyone that voted!

Photographer – Diamond
Wedding Services – Diamond
Photography Services- Platinum
Business that Gives Back – Gold
Photographer – Platinum
Wedding Services – Platinum
Photography Services – Platinum

Arboretum Fall Family Shoot

I am glad we didn’t reschedule this shoot due to weather. It had rained all night before and there was mist in the air. We watched the weather network like hawks and used the only window of opportunity to go out and shoot that mother nature gave us. Now just imagine… …what we can do… Read More

UoG Family Photoshoot

A fun family photoshoot at the University of Guelph. I love how the photos turned out with this vibrant, energetic family. Now just imagine… …what we can do for you!

Guelph Family Photoshoot

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph Maude, Kat and Gilles. They are not your average family. Words like strength, love, bravery come to mind when you hear their story. It used to be a family of 4, but they lost their son last year. Kat used to be called dad, but finally, after… Read More

Graduation Photoshoot

Is Your Child Graduating High-School This Year? This is their last year at school and they are ready to jump into adulthood. They have hobbies, accomplishments, interests and future careers they have picked and you are so proud of the individual they have turned in. The Graduation Photoshoot is designed to celebrate this milestone. It… Read More