Graduation Photoshoot

Is Your Child Graduating High-School This Year?

This is their last year at school and they are ready to jump into adulthood. They have hobbies, accomplishments, interests and future careers they have picked and you are so proud of the individual they have turned in.

The Graduation Photoshoot is designed to celebrate this milestone. It is a wonderful way to create memories and have portrait print-out for the proud parents to put on the mantel piece especially if that student is going away for college.

Some students pose with something they are proud of or part of- a musical instrument they played at school, sports they are involved with or bring their dog. Some students pose alone while others organize and have a group shoot of 3 or 4 best friends creating memories together before they go to college in different cities.

The shoot can last up to 2 hours and can involve multiple locations and outfits and maybe a little bit of make-up for the girls. We encourage the parent to stay and watch.

Contact me for pricing and availability.

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