Guelph Arboretum Wedding

When one meets Zack and Dave, the first thought is :”What a sweet couple!” They are both handsome, educated and very much in love. Naturally, I was very excited for their wedding and it didn’t disappoint.

We started a week before the wedding by going to the Arboretum to decide on the places to shoot. As anyone who have been to Arboretum know, there are a lot of places to shoot and eliminating some is a hard job. Zack and Dave proved to be not only sweet, but also fun-loving couple.

One thing about guys getting ready is that they get ready fast. Ten minutes or less and we are done.

It was time to get some portraits done of the grooms and the wedding party.

It’s time to get married…

Zack and Dave paused for a moment before walking down the isle. This was such a touching moment, I have to admit, my eyes welled up. The love these two share is incredible.

Dave and Zack have some hidden talents. They made all the wooden decor and the backdrop for the head table by themselves!

Zack is a talented drummer and he won the world drumming championship in Glasgow. But also they are beautiful dancers. They surprised their guests with a dance choreographed by Kristopher Grzella of eMotion Dance Company.

What a glorious party it was!

Now just imagine…

… what we can do for you!

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