1 Photographer or 2


A question that I am asked a lot- Should you have 1 photographer or 2 for your wedding?

Here are my thoughts-

I have learned now over my 9+ year there is no right or wrong answer and really comes down to preference and the overall size of your wedding. Personally, I would never say having a second photographer is “necessary,” especially if you are planning a modest or small ceremony and reception. This is where choosing the right photographer makes all the difference.

With a large wedding, I would recommend having 2 photographers because it is going to be near impossible for 1 photographer to be near the action and a lot of the day could be missed. Other times having 2 photographers is perfect for when everyone is getting ready and nothing will be missed.

My very first wedding that I ever photographed was in Owen Sound with about 200 guests. There was a lot to focus on to make sure I got all the right shots for the newlyweds. I remember screaming in my head several times it would have been a good idea to have another shooter to help capture more of the perfect candid opportunities I could only watch unfold in front of me.

I would also suggest having 2 photographers if you are looking for different angles of the ceremony or photos of a simultaneous event because you can’t have pictures of the Bride walking down the aisle and pictures of your family tearing up at the same time. So if having a second photographer is within your budget, this is a nice extra to have! And that is ultimately what it is- An Extra.

Whatever the decision,  an experienced photographer will strive to accomplish their goal- To make your day as memorable as possible.

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