Wedding Boudoir Photography

 photo by GiveHimTheOoolala, photographer and owner Elli Bel

What do you give a man that has everything? A Boudoir Photography session might be the perfect solution.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a sexy new gift choice. Boudoir photos are not X-rated, they are more PG-13, which means you may not be wearing anything, but you’re not showing off anything either!

Elli offers boudoir photography through Give Him the Ooolala. Being a female photographer she knows how to bring out your inner tigress for this Ooolala photoshoot. You will feel sexy yet respected while you bare your soul to the camera. After all, being a woman means she knows how you feel. More importantly, she knows what looks sexy without crossing your limits.

When should I schedule the session?

A fun photo shoot is a good way to take some time out from wedding planning.

How long does it take?

Depending on the package you choose, your boudoir photo session will probably last about two hours.

Where should I have it done?

Together will we come up with the best location. A popular idea is a luxury hotel, your home or even a borrowed home.

What should I wear?

Always be yourself, but it can be fun to step out of your comfort zone and be someone else for a brief period of time. My personal favourites are a button down shirt, a tie, a white, black and coloured lingerie for mix’n’match or even a sports jersey! An overabundance of jewellery can be utilized, feathers, masquerade masks, ribbons and if you are feeling risque, break out the handcuffs and whips for props. With the combined imagination of an experience boudoir photographer and you, the sky is the limit!

What about Makeup and Hair?

Although not necessary, professionally done makeup and hair help transform you and bring out your inner tigress. 

courtesy of:

Give Him the Ooolala!

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